Unpolished Gems…

This is the hidey-hole I will drop my unpolished gems into…

DISCLAIMER START:In an attempt to one day (hopefully not too far in the distant future) record all of my songs, I decided to not be so precious about the process of recording them.

This was a particularly sensible decision as my equipment, three Frankenstein’s Monster computers (built from the bones of a hundred hand-me-down boxes) and an obsolete minidisk eight-track, don’t realistically allow for a shiny finished product.

The addition of a beautiful baby to our family has also resulted in a lack of ‘screwing around time’ i.e. no time to wrestle with my ye olde equipment or to try to perfect my performances.

So these lackluster tunes are the result. Imperfect one take performances recorded on old junk.


Everyone Goes Oh!

Recorded March 2010 (Written 2009ish).

Will This Be My Final Diary Entry? (The Somme)

Recorded June 2010 (Written 2009ish).


2 Responses to “Unpolished Gems…”

  1. En Route to Awesome May 24, 2014 at 4:23 pm #

    Hello! We didn’t know you were here! ^^

    • LuQuade May 24, 2014 at 7:38 pm #

      Hey! I’m not really… just in the process of turning all my old blogs into little things that point towards this new website thing i’m making 🙂 http://www.luquade.com

      Looking VERY VERY forward to seeing you fellas!!


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