In a dark dark room, on a dark dark shelf there was a dark dark box…

10 Sep

Just stumbled across the lyrical doodlings at the bottom of a list of my songs crumpled up in a box (in a dark dark room, on a dark dark shelf there was a dark dark box… etc). Both seem to have chords attached to them and some vague melodic notations. I have no memory of writing them, both are about an old friend. I’m gonna hide them here:

C                  F            G          C       

Waiting at the police station, up against a wall

Ccdefed ddce            

 C                          F                 G               G

Wondering what your Mum will say


C                  F            G          C   

“Well I guess it could be worse” is what you are guessing   

Gegegea dddcedc

But this time Your Mum will say…


“You’ve really done it this time mate. You’ve done it this time.

Don’t come home”

(Well I guess) things can only get better, is what you have to think

 and Your mind’s made up.

Am runup

Yep your minds made up. 


 You cant go back to Queensland, or to South Australia

Guess it’s time for Newcastle.

Maybe the welcomes mats you wore out have all been mended

Probably not…

 I tell you to stay off the Dante and Beer, the Weed and Christianity.

Now that you cant go back to Queensland, or to South Australia,

You’re coming home.


F          G

Living at the Mission now

What a crazy cast of characters


Waiting at the Sleep Station After a looong day…

This second one seems like an attempt at a poem, but does have some chords attached to it. Could be about two different friends, i can’t remember:

Am C G D (6th fret)



Youre standing still, watching the world passing by.


It’s ten seconds till… midnight

 You’re hanging on, to the second hand,

I heard it from, my sister.

 Youre standing still, Youre still standing,

But for how long?

 I would cut you down…

To size… if I thought you deserved it.


(notes and melody run up… AAABCDEFEDCBC

When the clock strikes 12,

Our friendships at an end you dick.


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